Net Nanny® Internet Monitoring Software for Windows

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Net Nanny is the #1 award-winning internet monitoring software that gives parents the power to protect children by filtering out the harmful content and other dangers of the internet.

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Is your child protected online?

Pornography, cyber bullies, and online predators make the internet a dangerous place for young minds. Protect your family! Take control with Net Nanny — the best child protection software available. Net Nanny lets you monitor your family's Internet access with Windows parental controls. Whether you have Windows XP or Windows 10, the parental controls that Net Nanny offers will help ensure safe browsing for your family.

Net Nanny Features:

  • Keeps pornography from appearing on your computer.
  • Mask profanity before it appears on the screen.
  • Control access to set time limits on internet usage.
  • Send alerts and reports to your console or email.
  • Create user profiles to tailor protection to your individual family members' needs.

System Requirements

Windows 8/7/Vista Only