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Important Note

Android, Kindle Fire, and Chromebook devices are currently not supported, pending the release of our new version in 2024.

Block apps on your child’s cell phone and tablet with Net Nanny’s parental control software.

With Net Nanny’s app blocking feature, you have the power to control how your child is using mobile apps and the Internet, along with the visibility to know which apps are downloaded on their devices. If you’re unsure what an app is, you can also view a short description and know immediately if it’s safe for your child to use with the App Advisor.

Parental controls help you by giving them access and insight into their kids’ digital lives and giving them control and visibility over their kids’ Internet activity. Net Nanny® parental controls go one step further, giving parents the ability to monitor how long their child is spending online, what they are searching for and the apps they use every day. All of this is backed by the best parental control software and porn blocking on the market with the top-rated Internet filter that families have trusted since 1996.

Learn how you can block apps on your child’s iOS devices with Net Nanny’s Family Protection Pass.

View and Block Apps on Your Child’s Devices

Net Nanny’s app blocking allows parents to see which apps their child is using – which is something that may often be difficult for them to have visibility to without having physical access to their kids’ device. The ability to view the apps your child has downloaded, along with the amount of screen time they’re consuming, can give you the information you need to manage your children’s digital habits.

Being aware of the apps on your child’s phone is important for understanding how they use their devices. There are many apps that are in the app stores that are not appropriate for children or teens, even though they are popular among kids. By using Net Nanny® to monitor phone activity, you can see which apps your child is using and learn more about the apps in the Net Nanny® App Advisor.

Do you need help monitoring your child’s phone and viewing the apps they have downloaded on their devices? As parents, we need help to answer the questions we care about most:

  • Are my kids spending too much time online?
  • What are they seeing and doing online?
  • Are they safe while they’re online?
  • What apps are they using?
  • Are those apps safe for kids to use?

With Net Nanny®, parents can monitor their child’s phone and have visibility to the apps they have downloaded. Parents can also block dangerous apps you don’t want children to have access to.

Beyond visibility and control of the apps that your kids are using, Net Nanny® parental controls also filter the Internet, block websites, block pornography, manage screen time, offer social media protection and provide parents with instant alerts and reporting.

How to Block Apps with Net Nanny®

If you’re looking for a way to view and block apps on your child’s iPhone or iOS device, consider using Net Nanny®. With Net Nanny’s app blocking feature, you can:

  • Block unwanted or inappropriate mobile apps*
  • See app usage reports showing which apps your kids are using the most
  • Receive instant alerts via push notifications
  • View historical reports of apps’ use and installs in the Net Nanny® Family Feed
  • Learn about apps with the App Advisor
  • View a short description about the app’s purpose and intended use
  • Have visibility to potential dangers and threats found in specific apps
  • Read parent-friendly reviews
  • View suggested age appropriateness

* App blocking on iOS devices includes an estimated 125 of the most common and concerning apps for parents

Why Net Nanny’s App Blocking Helps Parents

With Net Nanny’s app blocking feature, you can see which apps your kids have downloaded on their device and you have the power to block access to apps that you think are dangerous or inappropriate for them to use. Net Nanny® parental controls provide parents insight and awareness of the websites kids access and the apps they install and use regularly.

Learn more about if apps are safe or appropriate to use with parent-friendly reviews found in the Net Nanny® App Advisor. Net Nanny’s parental control software gives parents the control they need to make sure their child’s online activity is safe and protected around the clock.

View and block apps on your child’s iPhone device with Net Nanny® parental control software.

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