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“Net Nanny's dynamic content filtering gives users the utmost control over the material they view on the Internet. The engine works feverishly, updating your content in real time, and the complex algorithm it uses is evidence of this team's clout in the industry. We applaud Net Nanny's team for leveraging technology to combat cyber-bullying and dangerous oversharing online as the web is run rampant with potential threats to children and families.”


“The current Net Nanny 7 has done a great job of adapting to the modern multi-device world. It still has more flexible and comprehensive content filtering than any product I've seen, its time scheduler can't be fooled, and it now controls what Android apps your kids can use.”

- PC Magazine

“The cool thing about [Net Nanny] is that you can actually choose the exact website that you want blocked on your kids phones... but it goes a step further you can block the type of websites so dating sites, nudity, pornography, tobacco you can block those... it goes even a step further than that suicide for example you can set it to warn mode and you get a warning if you kid types suicide. That is super helpful with cyberbullying and everything that is happens in life so common today.”

- Jeff Rossen & Fabiana Totoli, Today Show

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PC MagazineTop Ten Reviews Gold Award 2014Top Ten Reviews Silver Award 2014Top Ten Reviews Gold Award 2013Top Ten Reviews Excellence Award 2013Top Ten Reviews Gold Award 2012Top Consumer Award 2014Top Consumer Award 2010


"Net Nanny is the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner for parental software. You can manage it remotely and receive reports online. You will be able to know what your child is looking for online. And you can choose to block or monitor activity. You can also monitor and control the time that children spend online. This parental software doesn't just block web sites. It lets you control games, instant messaging and email."

- Top Ten Reviews

“I just want to thank you for your great product. I am not the most tech/computer savvy parent and your service was very easy to acquire (download), set up, work with (ongoing) and gives me huge peace of mind with regard to what my young teenager (and younger child) is doing on the internet. It is such a relief to have this service and to have the control to manage what is able to viewed on our home computer by our children. Thank you... a thousand thank yous! I highly recommend Net Nanny all the time to any parent who will listen - especially to parents with older children who may be old enough to sometimes be at home alone but definitely not old enough to be roaming around on the internet unsupervised.”

- Anita N. Pacifica, CA