Net Nanny® Reviews and Testimonials


Whether it’s our top-rated Internet filter or the ability to manage screen time, parents are raving about all the ways Net Nanny® keeps their families safe.

“I use Net Nanny for my own children but also as a leader of a junior high youth group, I urge all the parents to consider using it too. It's ease of use, yet high level of security, makes it a step above all other programs out there! Like I tell other parents, you cannot afford to not use it! Even if you trust your kids, it is a great protection against inadvertent searches. In addition, the customer service and technical support has been superb!!” – Ling B.

“We use Net Nanny at home and love it!!” – Martha A.

“I just wanted to write to express my appreciation for developing an all-around great product... I'm a customer for life.” – Derek M.

Internet Filter

“A few of my daughter's friends came over to my house and saw that she could browse the web in a safe environment. Their parents wanted a solution but were unsatisfied with companies that they previously vetted. Once I told them about Net Nanny, they were very impressed with the manageability and level of monitoring.” – Ray S.

“Has given me peace of mind that many unacceptable things are not allowed into my home. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!” – Tamara W.

“We've appreciated Net Nanny's capabilities to help safeguard our home and children. Especially as our children were young and learning how to self-filter in their lives, Net Nanny provided an added measure of protection and security that we needed as parents for our children.” –Kevin B.

“I'm very happy with your product, I've tried a couple of different filtering software programs in the past year and yours is the only one that didn't break something on my computers! I have two 12-year-old sons and a 10-year-old daughter, and your software allows them to surf the web safely. I also work in the computer customer service industry as a network engineer and know what it takes to support customers. You guys rock! Thank you for getting to my issue so quickly. Great software and even better support! Thanks again.” – Tom M.

“My husband and I have been concerned about not having control over what pops-up on the computer screen. We've been especially worried for our kids and hate having them exposed to all the garbage. Thank you for your products.”

Screen Time Management

“It was exhausting trying to monitor the amount of time my children were on the internet. With Net Nanny, I am able to set time parameters when they can access the internet and also able to monitor sites they can visit. Making my life a little less stressful is always a plus!” – Brenda B.

“Our kids were having too much screen time. We set up Net Nanny and they are not getting more creative with their time! Love it!” – Monique F.

Alerts and Reporting

“When I received notification about websites my boys tried to access, I could talk with them about it and more carefully monitor their computer time. Net Nanny gave me piece of mind. Thank you.” – Lorretta S.

“I'm the father of an adopted son. Net Nanny alerted me of a blocked attempt to get to an unusual website. At first, I thought the worst. I investigated the website and discovered that it was related to adoption and troubles adoptive families can experience. I was relieved but also curious why my son would attempt to visit a site like that. The alert started a healthy discussion with my son that revealed he was looking for his birth father. I encouraged him that I would walk with him along the way. What may have been pursued in secret is now something we share in the open, has brought us closer together and is an opportunity to continue building trust.” – Patrick P.

“I just want to thank you for your great product. I am not the most tech/computer savvy parent and your service was very easy to acquire (download), set up, work with (ongoing) and gives me huge peace of mind with regard to what my young teenager (and younger child) is doing on the internet. It is such a relief to have this service and to have the control to manage what is able to view on our home computer by our children. Thank you... a thousand thank yous! I highly recommend Net Nanny all the time to any parent who will listen - especially to parents with older children who may be old enough to sometimes be at home alone but definitely not old enough to be roaming around on the internet unsupervised.” – Anita N.

Website Blocking

“The service has been very effective at blocking what we don't want to see and allowing what is okay.” – Mike K.

“If you really want to control what your kids are seeing, you need to install software that can block certain sites and alert you to what they’re doing. I’m a big fan of Net Nanny, because it’s a proactive tool that blocks porn before it hits the screen.” – Amanda Morin,

Pornography Blocking

“My son was exposed to pornography on the internet and was able to hide his tracks using "in-private" browsing. By disabling all browsers and forcing them to use your internet browser, that activity was curtailed. Also, the ability to block apps on Android phones has also allowed us to guard against access to unacceptable content.” – Joseph H.

“I got Net Nanny to protect someone close to me from pornography online. I was looking for an intensive Internet filter that could be controlled remotely. Net Nanny has done an amazing job. This person has been protected online and has still been able to visit the sites he needs to access. I have complete control remotely, so I can easily allow sites that are accidentally blocked. I can also view his online history. I am so thankful for this thorough program--it has given me and him peace of mind. Thank you, Net Nanny!” – Naomi F.

“Thank you so much for the peace of mind you have given us, knowing we do not have to worry about our granddaughter running into pornography.” – Grateful Grandparents

“We can't imagine having a computer without Net Nanny on it.” - Ben T.