Net Nanny® Parental Control App for Android

Available exclusively as part of the Family Protection Pass
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Do you know what your children are doing on their Android smartphones or tablets?
Take control with Net Nanny® for Android.

Does your child look at inappropriate content, download time-consuming games, or access malicious apps on their Android devices? Net Nanny's Android Parental Control App with App Management keeps kids safe from viewing inappropriate Web content and will let mom or dad choose which mobile apps are used on the device.  

Net Nanny empowers you with Internet protection software for Parental Control on Android Devices.

Net Nanny for Android with App Manager is a revolutionary Android solution to permit safe web browsing and to manage apps--providing the trusted, full-featured protection your family already expects from Net Nanny on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Net Nanny Web Admin

Net Nanny for Android gives you the power to:

  • Filter web site content
  • Block porn
  • Mask profanity
  • Allow / block mobile apps
  • Set time limits and controls

The Net Nanny for Android browser works as a powerful Internet filter that you can easily customize. With 18 filtering categories, you can block porn, hate speech, gambling, alcohol, and many other topics found on the Internet. With Net Nanny® for Android, smartphone or tablet users can safely surf the web while other browsers are prevented from launching.

The App Manager lets you remotely view, block, or uninstall apps you deem inappropriate from the device. App Manager also lets you block in-app purchases.

Net Nanny for Android supports virtually all Android devices, including the KINDLE FIRE. See the System Requirements below.

Protect your family today on any Android mobile device with Net Nanny, the best Internet filter on the market!

Android Features:

  •  Internet Filtering (18 categories)
  •  Age-based profiles
  •  Safe Search enforcement
  •  Profanity masking
  •  Whitelist/blacklist
  •  Custom filtering categories
  •  App Manager
  •  Time Controls
  •  Remote administration and reports
  •  Enhanced reporting
  •  Email notifications

System Requirements

  • Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) & higher
  • ARM v7 or higher instruction set
  • 40 MB of internal storage
  • Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G access
Kindle Fire Support
Kindle Fire (original)  
Kindle Fire 2  
Kindle Fire HD (1st gen)  
Kindle Fire HD (2nd gen)  
Kindle Fire HDX  


Customer Support available Monday - Saturday from 8am to 5pm MT

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"Net Nanny is fully at home in the modern, multi-device world of parental control, and it still has the best content filtering around. Net Nanny is a parental control Editor's Choice"



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