Net Nanny® Features

Net Nanny® offers a variety of parental control software features to help protect your family.


Parental Controls

Get peace of mind with the best parental control software on the market. [learn more]


Internet Filter

Be in control of your family’s online activity with the #1-rated Internet filter. [learn more]


Block Pornography

Limit exposure to adult content or block pornography in real-time. [learn more]


Screen Time Management

Tailor your family’s screen time and set specific hours of the day when your child can be online. [learn more]


Alerts and Reporting

Review detailed reports and set up alerts about your child’s online activity. [learn more]


Remote Access

Check reports, update settings, and much more, from any computer with an Internet connection. [learn more]

Net Nanny’s award-winning technology offers a trusted solution for browsing the Internet while still allowing your family access to appropriate websites. If your children use the Internet on their smartphone, tablet or computer, then safeguard them with our award-winning Internet filtering technology.

Net Nanny’s parental control software offers a variety of functions, across multiple devices, all created to enrich and safeguard your family’s online experience. Net Nanny® has many features including parental controls, Internet filtering, porn blocking, screen time management, alerts and reporting, and remote access.

Product options include a single device package for OS X and Windows, Family Protection Passes for 5 devices and Family Protection Passes for 10 devices – for as little as $9 per device. Learn more about Net Nanny’s products here.

Parental Controls

Get peace of mind with the best parental control software available for families. Net Nanny’s parental control software offers visibility into your children’s online activity to help you understand their digital habits and keep them protected while they’re using the Internet. Net Nanny® helps parents manage their family’s digital habits with the security of knowing their children are protected online.

Internet Filter

Be in control of your Internet with Net Nanny’s top-rated Internet filter. With our parental control software, you can set content filtering for 18 different categories to either Block, Warn or Allow for viewing. Parents are able to customize these various levels of filters to tailor each individual child or user profile. With Net Nanny®, you can set each user's profile to View, Warn, or Block for the following types of websites:

  • Abortion
  • Alcohol
  • Anime
  • Dating
  • Death/Gore
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Lingerie/Swimsuits
  • Mature
  • Nudity
  • Pornography
  • Provocative
  • Proxy
  • Sexual health
  • Suicide
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons

Block Pornography

Many children innocently stumble upon pornographic content during their online activity, with access easily available in a few clicks of a computer mouse. Porn exposure has never been easier – in fact, 85% of adolescent males and 50% of adolescent females have been exposed to pornographic material. With Net Nanny®, you can be alerted if inappropriate websites are viewed and block pornography and other adult content.

Screen Time Management

Many kids access the Internet daily and usually multiple times a day. With Net Nanny®, you can control when they are able to access the Internet on their devices. Set the total number of hours in a day or set specific times each day when your child can be online.

Net Nanny® gives parents the ability to schedule the total number of Internet hours per day or per week, in addition to blocking off specific Internet usage times each day. This flexible screen time management tool makes it easy for parents to keep time spent online structured and monitored.

“It was exhausting trying to monitor the amount of time my children were on the internet. With Net Nanny, I am able to set time parameters when they can access the internet and also monitor the sites they visit.” – Brenda B.

Alerts & Reporting

Parents often have difficulty seeing their child’s online activity, but with Net Nanny®, you can receive reports and email alerts for each profile on your account. Usage reports will detail your child’s time spent online and allow you visibility to which websites have been accessed during their time online.

“When I received notification about sites my boys tried to access, I could talk with them about it and more carefully monitor their computer time. Net Nanny gave me peace of mind.” – Loretta S.

Remote Access

As a busy parent, Net Nanny® offers you the ability to access your account remotely. Check online activity reports, change your child’s profile settings and access your features on-the-go from any mobile phone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection.

Protect your family with the #1-rated internet filter and best parental control software available.