Family Feed

Get insight and visibility into your family’s online activity with Net Nanny’s Family Feed.

With Net Nanny’s parental control software, including the revolutionary Family Feed, you’ll have the visibility to track, in real-time, the digital device use and online activity of each child in your family with an easy to view overview of all your family’s digital activities.

Parental controls provides your family with the protection they need to surf the web safely while blocking websites, filtering the Internet and managing screen time. With the Family Feed, you can get an overview of your child’s Internet use by logging into the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard from any devices that have Internet access. Parents can also use their iOS device to install the Net Nanny® Parent App.

Get Visibility to Your Child’s Online Activity

It’s difficult as a parent to know exactly how your children are spending their time online, with an abundance of apps, websites and other services available with the Internet. The struggle to keep on top of your kids’ screen time is increasingly challenging and parents need a solution that is easy to use, effective and trustworthy.

Net Nanny® is the leading Internet filter and porn blocking software, used and trusted by millions of families since 1996. With Net Nanny’s Family Feed, you can now have visibility into your child’s smartphone use and can easily view how they’re using their devices. Now, you can easily track how long they’re spending on their devices and which topics they’ve searched for online.

On top of this, you’ll have the best website blocker and content filtering to keep your kids safe while they’re online. By using Net Nanny® parental controls, your child’s devices will be protected with real-time content filtering that scans each website for inappropriate content each time a page loads.

Any time inappropriate content is detected, you’ll receive a notification within your Net Nanny® Family Feed, along with the category of content detected.

How the Net Nanny® Family Feed Works

The Family Feed is an overview of your kids’ online activity that can be viewed at a glance wherever you go. You can access the Net Nanny® Family Feed on your desktop or laptop with the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard or on-the-go via the Net Nanny® Parent App on your iOS device. No matter how you access it, you’ll receive important notifications that can help you take parenting to a whole new level. You’ll be able to see how much screen time they’ve used each day and the ability to set screen time allowances for each day of the week. You’ll also be able to increase or decrease the daily allocation of screen time your child can have and have the ability to turn off the Internet if you choose.

With the Net Nanny® Family Feed, you’ll have access to:

Instant Alerts

The Net Nanny® Family Feed provides immediate alerts if your child views porn, drugs, weapons, suicide and other inappropriate content.

Instant Reporting of Online Searches

With the Net Nanny® Family Feed, you can track your child's Internet searches in real-time and receive alerts of online activity.

Access Anywhere from Your Devices

Get access to the Net Nanny® Family Feed from whichever device you choose – whether you’re at home or work on a laptop or desktop computer or using your iOS smartphone.

YouTube Monitoring and Management

Our YouTube Monitoring feature will let you see video names, video length, view date, and you can even review the video with a direct link to each viewed video.

Educational Insights

Find insights from experts and other parents about installed and trending apps from our blogs and the App Advisor.

Why Net Nanny’s Family Feed Helps Parents

By having an overview of all your family’s online activity at the tip of your fingers, you can make informed decisions about your child’s screen time use and keep them safe and protected online. With cyber bullying, sexting and suicide growing among kids and teens, parents need a way to monitor their children’s Internet use and filter out inappropriate content.

With Net Nanny®, if your child searches for pornography, suicide, drugs, or weapons, parents are immediately notified within the Family Feed. If you receive a notification of these searches, you can have a conversation with your child about what’s going on in their life and why they might be interested in these topics. In some cases, early notification of dangerous online searches can help kids get the help they need if they’re in tough situations.

The Family Feed offers you device protection for your entire family and multiple parents can have oversight of your child’s devices. Simply put, Net Nanny® is the best parental control software on the market.

See your kids’ screen time in action and get insight into your child’s Internet activity with Net Nanny’s Family Feed.

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