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Thanks for giving us feedback on the accuracy of our filtering products. The information you provide helps make all of our customers safer. We're continuously working hard to improve the filter, so we do read your feedback but don't really have time to respond personally. We only ask for contact information in case there is a specific issue you raise that we need more information about. This is not the way to get help- if you need help with our products, leave us a note.

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Why is Net Nanny blocking "Safe" sites like Facebook, MySpace or my personal emails?
Although websites like Facebook and MySpace may appear safe, their content is constantly changing and may contain profanity or objectionable content. Please contact your administrator to have the specific website reviewed for approval. Learn More
How does Net Nanny categorize websites?
Because the Internet is constantly growing and changing, Net Nanny uses Dynamic Contextual Analysis. This means that a website will be analyzed based on its content at the time you're viewing it. This differs from archaic list-based technologies. Learn More