Track Location

Instantly track your child’s phone or tablet with Net Nanny’s parental control software.

With Net Nanny® you’ll never need to wonder where your child is again. Thanks to our smart location technology, you can see exactly where your child is at all times. There’s no need to call or contact your child – with Net Nanny® location tracking, you can see their location on the Net Nanny® Family Overview Map. GPS location tracking allows you to track your child’s location via their cell phone or tablet so you can feel comfortable knowing where your child is, whenever you need to know.

By using Net Nanny®, you can keep your family safe and gain visibility into their online activity by tracking their location, monitoring online searches, filtering the Internet and managing their screen time. Parental controls can help you keep your family safe by protecting children while they use their smartphones, tablets and computers. With location tracking, parents can keep track of each child’s individual location, along with a history of past locations visited.

Learn how you can get visibility to your family’s location and see other important device information on Windows and iOS devices with Net Nanny’s Family Protection Pass.

Instantly Know Where Your Child Is

Net Nanny® puts the power in your hands to protect your child and will help you know instantly where they are and whether they’re safe. By tracking your child’s location, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are informed of their current location in real-time. Keeping kids safe is what we do best, whether it’s with our top-rated Internet filter, powerful porn blocker, easy-to-use screen time scheduler or real-time location tracker.

Do you need software to track iPhone or iOS device locations for your kids? Look no further than Net Nanny’s location tracking feature to help you track and locate your child’s most visited locations. You’ll even receive updates of your child’s location within the revolutionary Net Nanny® Family Overview Map, for a quick listing of all your children’s digital activity at a glance.

Tracking your child’s iPhone is important because knowing where our kids are is crucial to their safety. As parents, we understand that kids always keep their devices close to them and instead of spending the time or energy to check in with a text or a quick phone call, you can now just look at the Net Nanny® Family Overview Map to view information about where your child is located and where they’ve been.

By focusing on real-time updates within the Net Nanny® Family Feed and the ability to view your child’s location on the Net Nanny® Family Overview Map, you can save your check-ins for more important conversations and focus on quality phone calls and texts with your kids.

How Net Nanny® Location Tracking Works

If you’re looking for a way to track your child’s location on their iPhone, consider using Net Nanny®. Net Nanny® offers a complete solution for parents to monitor their child’s online use and track their cell phone location to keep them safe.

With Net Nanny’s location tracker, you no longer have to wonder or worry where your kids are or the locations they’ve visited in the past. It’s easy for you to see a history of where your kids have been, and you can view locations on a Net Nanny® Family Overview Map. From the Net Nanny® Family Overview Map, you can see an overview of where all your children are in a single screen. Access the Net Nanny® Family Overview Map by logging into the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard or by using the Net Nanny® Parent App on your iOS device.

With Net Nanny’s location tracking feature, you can:

  • View your child’s location in real-time
  • See past locations visited by your child
  • Track all children’s locations associated with your account
  • View locations by address or on the Net Nanny® Family Overview Map

Why Net Nanny’s Location Tracking Helps Parents

With Net Nanny’s location tracking feature, you can see where your child has been by mapping their location history. You simply select a date and time and a detailed map appears to show you where your child has been.

Plus, if your child loses their device, you can trace its most recent location using Net Nanny®.

By using a GPS tracker for kids’ devices, you can be assured that your family has the best protection and that you have full visibility to their digital activity. Use Net Nanny® to track your child’s iPhone to make sure that location-related safety is the utmost priority for your family.

Keep an eye on your child’s location and get peace of mind with Net Nanny’s location tracker.

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