Net Nanny® Home Suite

2 great Internet Protection tools- 1 great value! Protect your family on the Internet from inappropriate content. Net Nanny Home Suite gives you a fully integrated suite of Internet Protection tools including:

Net Nanny®

Net Nanny is the most effective and flexible Internet filter available today! The state-of-the-art dynamic filtering engine ensures that your family members won't be exposed to pornography and other offensive content.

Net Nanny is the only family-oriented filter that allows you to manage your home Internet use from anywhere at any time through powerful Remote Management tools. Net Nanny can be used as configured right "out of the box" or you can adjust the filter settings according to your personal preferences and needs. And monitor web browsing and instant messaging from anywhere!


ContentCleanup™ is a simple-to-use tool that will help you analyze, categorize and erase unwanted content from your computer. Most unwanted files are often in the form of hidden files or "cookies" and are difficult to identify and locate, and are almost impossible to delete. You may also have other files-not necessarily objectionable-that you wish to delete, which may be difficult to find. ContentCleanup™ can solve these problems, plus help free up valuable disk space on your hard drive improving the performance of your PC.