Net Nanny Social: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Does it monitor cell phone activity?

Net Nanny Social does not monitor cell phone activity. Net Nanny Social monitors a child's friends, pictures, and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn with more networks to be added. Net Nanny Social can monitor many children on many networks for one low cost.

2. Forgot password?

Got to and click on ‘Forgot your password?’. This will send you an email with a link to reset the password.

3. How does it work?

Once you have purchased you would login to with the email and password used to purchase and add the social networking accounts you wish to monitor.

4. How to add accounts?

Login to and under the Dashboard Tab click on Add Child. When adding a Facebook profile this will send a request via email to the user. For all other accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+  and LinkedIn you will need to know the users credentials in order to monitor the activity.

5. How to remove profiles?

Under the Dashboard tab hover over the profile you wish to remove and select Settings. There will be an option Disconnect as well as Disable.

6. How do I enable Alerts?

Click on the My Account tab and click on the Alert Settings and check the boxes you would like alerts for and click on Save at the bottom of the page. These alerts will emailed to the Admin.

7. How do I update my email and change my password?

Go to and update the information here and click on Save.

Note: The password must be a minimum of 6 characters (alpha-numerical only).

8. Why am I prompted to reconnect to Facebook?

Facebook requires that applications re-authenticate periodically to ensure security. To comply with the Facebook requirements Net Nanny Social will prompt you to reconnect a Facebook account every 30-45 days.

9. I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

Your username is your email address.

In the event you forget your password or would like to reset your password, you may do so by clicking on this link. You will be prompted to enter in your Email address.  We will send an Email shortly after with a link to reset your password. After clicking on the link in the Email, you will be able to choose a new password that you will use to login.

If you are still having difficulties logging in or do not know your username, please contact us here.

10. I am having problems logging in. What do I do?

If you are having problems logging in, it could be due to using the wrong username (Email address) or password. If you are not sure which username (email address) is associated with Net Nanny Social, you may contact us and we can help you resolve this issue.

If you are not sure what your password is, you may use this link to reset your password.

11. What do I do if I see an inappropriate photo on my child's social network?

If an offensive photo appears on your child’s page, then you can direct them to take it down themselves. If someone else posted a photo and “tagged” your child to it (which is what the Internet search engines will pick up), they can “untag” themselves from the image through their social network. First, you or your child will start by logging in to their social network.

On Facebook

To remove the tag from a photo that someone else has posted and tagged your child in on Facebook, follow the instructions or report the photo.

On Google+

To report a photo, follow the instructions here.

On Twitter

For information about flagging a photo on Twitter, follow the instructions.

On Formspring

To report a photo on Formspring, follow this link.

12. It says my child RSVP'd to an event. How can I find out more information about this event?

For each group or event, we create specific detailed pages where you can view more information. By clicking on view full event details from the Activities page, you will be taken to the full event detail page. If the event is public, you will see a website link directing to the event page on Facebook. Clicking this link will allow you full access to all posts, comments, photos, and attendees of this event.

13. How do I activate my Net Nanny Social subscription?

After you accept our Terms of Service, you should receive an Email from us confirming your registration to  The Email will be sent to the Email you use for Net Nanny Social and will be sent from If you do not see the Email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

If you have not received an Email with your Net Nanny Social confirmation link within two days of accepting the Terms of Service, please contact our Support team at

14. How do I delete my account?

To delete your Net Nanny Social account, please contact our customer support.

15. How do I remove a child from my account?

To remove a child from your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select "Child settings" on the Social Dashboard Navigation on the left part of your screen.
  3. Delete your child under the "Actions" on the Children table.

16. How do I figure out who else is tagged in a photo from my child's Facebook?

A photo tag links a person to that photo. Facebook photo tags are usually used to define who is in the picture, but can also be used in a cruel or joking manner. To find out who is tagged in a photo, click on the Photos page on the left side of the report. Find the photo and click on it. Here you will be able to see the description of the photo if the owner provided one, the name of the album it belongs to, all comments related to this photo, and where it says “In this photo,” you can see who is tagged.

If your child is not tagged in the photo, you will not be able to tell who is tagged in that photo but you will still have access to the other information.

17. How do I dismiss an alert?

All activities and friends with alerts will be categorized into one of the four categories on the Overview page of the report:

  • Friend Analysis
  • Public Posts
  • Private Messages
  • Photo/Video Analysis

When an alert is dismissed, the activity on the Activities page will still highlight the alert, but the notification at the top will be removed. Please note, that Dismissing an alert will also lower the alert level.

18. How does Net Nanny Social gather Facebook or other social media information for my child?

After adding a child’s Facebook account in the Admin Portal, Net Nanny Social scans the Internet for Facebook and other social networking sites where the child’s email address is found.  Data, if found, will appear within a few minutes in the Admin Portal. Other sites scanned by Net Nanny Social include Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr.

A message explaining this functionality is displayed on the “Overview” page in the Admin Portal until a child is added. The message will display:

“After adding a child’s Facebook account, Net Nanny Social will scan the Internet for Facebook and other social networking sites where the child’s email address is found. Data, if found, will appear within a few minutes. Other sites include Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr.”

When the Admin Portal page is reloaded to show the data retrieved from the social networks, this message is hidden.

19. How do Alerts work?

Net Nanny Social has an "Alert" function which works by scanning Facebook posts to check the words used against a list of 'potentially dangerous words. If words found in a Facebook post match a word on the 'potentially dangerous words' list, an “Alert” is formed.

For example, a Facebook alert posted by a user said the following:  Developers say Facebook is cutting them off only because their apps compete with Facebook. (Wall Street Journal).  This seemingly innocent post created an Alert about "Suicide" because "cutting" is related to dangerous behavior.  This triggered the Alert.  We believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

When an Alert is created based on the previous Facebook post, it is sent via Email or Text to the parent. In that Alert, there is a section on "Details of the Alert." The details read – “Net Nanny Social detected key words used in the Activity shown below that were flagged as terms potentially related to <Suicide>. The purpose of this alert is to make you aware of the use of those key words."

20. In the Admin Portal, when does Net Nanny Social show images as "new" posts?

When a child is added for the first time, all Friends, all Photos and new Posts (Activity) are shown in the first Parent Report.  Thereafter, only newly added Photos or Friends (or posts) are reported as being new.

21. What is the difference between an "Alert" and a "Weekly Summary Report" (found in the Admin Portal under My Account>Alert Settings)?

In that menu, you first see a list of potentially dangerous words that Net Nanny Social will monitor. You have a choice to be notified immediately of any instances by an Alert. Those are sent by email or text.  You also have a choice of receiving a Weekly Summary Report of All Alerts.

Alerts are generated immediately after a child updates their social network page and potentially dangerous words are used. A “Weekly Summary Report” is a more detailed message sent as a compilation including Photos, Friends, and Alerts.

22. What is included in the reports for Facebook?

Net Nanny Social reports will show all wall posts by your child and posts left on your child’s wall, comments of any kind, photos and videos by and of your child, groups they belong to, events they are invited to. Reports will also give info about “events” such as adding or removing friends.

23. How often will the reports be updated for each kind and how often will I get them?

Net Nanny Social provides you with a variety of options for receiving alerts about your child's online and mobile activities. After establishing the parameters for the Facebook account you wish to monitor, Net Nanny Social sweeps many other social networks for accounts with the same name or email address and includes these in the reports. Net Nanny Social will check all of these networks multiple times during the day. You can log in at any time to see the latest info and you can also get alerts via email or SMS.

24. How often will I get email reports or alerts?

Net Nanny Social has many options for the way you receive reports and alerts. Alerts can be sent immediately if threatening or dangerous communication is occurring or you can select to receive daily or weekly summaries of potential issues to review and investigate on your own.

You can choose if you want your alerts and reports sent via text message or email.

Note: Incoming SMS charges may apply if you don't already have a text package. Text alerts are only supported U.S & Canadian subscribers.

25. What are the categories that trigger an alert about your child's online and mobile activities?

When setting alerts, parents can choose from a variety of communication types that they feel might be inappropriate or dangerous. These categories include vulgar language, bullying, sex, drugs, alcohol, racist, profanity and suicide.  These can be changed at any time by logging in to Net Nanny Social, then going to “My Account” and “Alert Settings”.

26. Which photos show up on the Photos page?

Photos which your child posted to Facebook and/or in which they are tagged will show up on the Photos page. The Activities page will show these photos in chronological order. The Photo/Video Analysis button on the Overview page shows only photos your child is involved in that contain alerts, regardless of who is tagged or who uploaded them.

27. How do I add my child’s account to Net Nanny Social?

After purchasing Net Nanny Social, simply login to the service by going to

If you have never added a child’s account to be monitored, you will be immediately prompted to add a child.  But if you had created an account before and want to add another account to monitor, simply click the “Add Child” button on the left hand side of the screen.

Important: There are now 2 options to add a monitored account

Option 1: You know your child’s Facebook username and password

  1. Click on “Add child”
  2. Enter in your child’s Facebook Credentials (child’s name and child’s email) and click on Save.
  3. You will now receive a message at the bottom of the screen that says “We need to connect to your child's Facebook account in order to monitor it properly. Do you know your child's Facebook login?" Select Yes and you will then be prompted to enter the Facebook username and password.
  4. Important: Please make sure to enter your child’s Facebook login information and not your own.

Option 2: “You will be asking connecting the Net Nanny Social application to your child's facebook account:

  1. Click on “Add child”
  2. You will now receive a message at the bottom of the screen that says"We need to connect to your child's Facebook account in order to monitor it properly. Do you know child's Facebook login? Then click "YES" if OK.
  3. Enter in your child’s Email address or phone number, and the password too to log-in into facebook.
  4. Alert settings are used to customize alert reporting to your parenting preferences. You may re-visit this page after your child has been added.

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