ContentCleanup™ Junk Files Cleaner

Remove Cookies, Unwanted Content, And Uninvited Files From Your Computer

Wondering how to clean up your computer and make it run smoother? ContentCleanup™ is a simple-to-use tool that will help you identify, verify and delete unwanted files and content on your PC. Most unwanted files are often in the form of hidden files or "cookies" and are difficult to identify and locate, and are almost impossible to delete. You may also have other files-not necessarily objectionable-that you wish to delete, which may be difficult to find. ContentCleanup™ can solve these problems, plus help free up valuable disk space on your hard drive improving the performance of your PC. With ContentCleanup™, you gain peace of mind that your Internet experience won't be compromised by uninvited content.

Why do you need ContentCleanup™?

Your computer may contain hidden files left behind from Internet surfing. Frequently as you surf the Web, sites that you visit "push" information onto your computer without you knowing it and without your approval. In many cases, this content is objectionable. ContentCleanup™ is a junk files cleaner that periodically scans your computer system and helps you safely detect and remove unwanted files or objectionable content on your PC.

How does ContentCleanup™ work?

ContentCleanup™ starts by running a comprehensive scan on the user's computer and categorizes them in files types: History, Cookies, Documents, Temporary Internet files, Images, Audio, and Video.

ContentCleanup™ further analyzes each file in depth using ContentWatch's award-winning and patent-pending dynamic analysis engine which identifies potentially objectionable files and categorizes them into one or more of 28 different content categories, ranging from Pornography or Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel. By doing this, it enables the user to easily remove unwanted content and identify and delete objectionable files; freeing up disk space on the user's computer and enhancing its performance.



System Requirements

Windows 7/Vista/XP Only

  • PC or compatible with 133 MHz or faster processor
  • 128 MB RAM minimum, 256 MB recommended
  • 25 MB of hard-disk space
  • Color monitor with 800x600 resolution