Net Nanny® for iOS

Use Net Nanny® for iOS to Filter Adult Content, Block Apps, Block Websites, and Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Net Nanny® for iOS provides the #1-rated parental control software to Apple devices, giving you visibility and control over your family's online experience. Net Nanny's parental control app for Apple devices lets you filter the Internet and block pornography before it's viewed on websites.

Are you unsure what your child is viewing on their iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad? Are you concerned about your kids accidentally viewing adult content or inappropriate websites? Net Nanny® for iOS is a world-class browser solution for kids of all ages to safely browse the web.

Use Net Nanny’s parental control app for iOS to filter the Internet, block websites, set time limits, and enable restrictions on your child's iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to monitor their activity. The Net Nanny® app for iOS is available exclusively with a Family Protection Pass that includes either 5 or 20 device licenses that can also include macOS and Windows devices.

Net Nanny® for iOS Gives You the Power to:

Is Your Child Protected Online?

With a parental control app for iOS devices, you can protect your kids while they use their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you struggle with monitoring your children’s online activity and worry about keeping them safe online, then a parental control app can help your family. Net Nanny® for iOS is a revolutionary solution to allow safe web browsing and provides parents with the protection your family deserves.

If your children browse the Internet using their Apple device, you can keep them safe with Net Nanny® for iOS. Protect your family with Net Nanny® – the most trusted parental control software available on the market.

Net Nanny® Features for iOS:

  • Accuracy and performance when filtering Internet content
  • Filters secure (HTTPS) websites
  • Enforces Google SafeSearch, YouTube Protected Search and other popular search engine protected search technologies
  • Provides alerts and usage reports of a child’s online activities
  • Provides a Parent Dashboard to manage settings, view reports, and review activities for all devices in the family—whether iOS, macOS or Microsoft Windows
  • Provides schedules to limit screen time and Internet access including time of day restrictions and screen time allowances
  • Dynamic Contextual Filtering for 14 categories including: Abortion, Adult Novelty, Anime, Death/Gore, Drugs, Gambling, Mature Content, Nudity, Pornography, Provocative, Strip Clubs, Suicide, Tobacco, Weapons
  • Ability to Allow or Block websites
  • Ability to view reports of online searches
  • Ability to create multiple parent Admin profiles

How Much Does Net Nanny® for iOS Cost?

Net Nanny® for iOS is only available with the purchase of a 5 or 20 device Family Protection Pass. If your family is looking for parental controls for multiple devices including iOS, consider purchasing a Family Protection Pass for either 5 or 20 device licenses. You can bundle your iOS devices along with your macOS or Windows devices with a Family Protection Pass that covers your choice of 5 or 20 devices – for as little as $5 a year per device!

Manage All Your Family’s Devices from One Place

Users of Net Nanny® for iOS and existing users of Net Nanny® for Windows can now manage all Net Nanny® settings on Windows, iOS and macOS devices for everyone in a family with one web-based dashboard. Net Nanny® makes things simple for busy parents, so now it’s easy for you to log in to the Admin console and manage your family’s devices from one single location.

How Do I Download Net Nanny® for iOS?

You must have a Net Nanny® account before installing Net Nanny® on your child’s device. Once you have a Net Nanny® account, go to from your child’s device and follow the instructions. No matter what type of device you install the Net Nanny® Child software on, you can administer and manage all of your child’s devices online from the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard or from our iOS  Parental Control app.

To buy a Family Protection Pass and get your Net Nanny® account, click below:

System Requirements

Net Nanny® for iOS supports iOS 12.1 and higher.

  • iOS 12.1 and higher


1 Desktop

For PC & Mac



Protect one desktop with all Net Nanny® features.

Windows macOS

5 Devices

Family Protection Pass

For PC, Mac & Mobile



$11 per device/year

iOS available exclusively with the Family Protection Pass.

Windows macOS IOS

20 Devices

Family Protection Pass

For PC, Mac & Mobile



Less than $5 per device/year

iOS available exclusively with the Family Protection Pass.

Windows macOS IOS