Net Nanny® for iOS

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Do you know what your child is viewing on her iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad? Does your child look at inappropriate or mature web sites?

Net Nanny for iOS keeps kids safe from viewing unsuitable material online.  Protect your child with a pornography blocker app for iOS.

Net Nanny® for iOS is a world-class solution for kids of all ages to safely browse the web. It provides trusted protection for your family — just as Net Nanny for Android, Net Nanny for Windows, and Net Nanny for Mac. Get Net Nanny for iOS on the iTunes Store today.


Net Nanny® for iOS Features:

  • Internet filtering software
    • Three pre-defined safety settings
  • Safe search enforcement
  • Profanity masking
  • Browser Settings (replaces Safari)
    • Cut and paste
    • Pinch and zoom
    • Landscape mode
    • Multiple tabs
    • Bookmarks
    • URL browsing history and suggestions
    • Persistent cookies
    • Alternative search with Google, Yahoo!, Bing

Device users can safely surf the web.  Choose from one of three pre-defined safety settings and get started quickly.

Protect your family today on any iOS device with Net Nanny® — makers of the best porn blocker on the market.

How to Install and Configure



Click Here for easy, A-B-C instructions on configuring Net Nanny for iOS.

NOTE: Support for Net Nanny for iOS is only available via email or live chat. Submit your support questions through the general support page.

Have questions? Click here for some answers to frequently asked questions.