YouTube loves Net Nanny

May 10, 2011

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It's true. YouTube loves Net Nanny and hates all the other Internet filters. Here's why... most Internet filters on the market use a pre-determined list of sites that are either safe or not safe for kids. The good sites go on to a "white list" and the bad ones go on to a "blacklist." Imagine, having to categorize every new website as good or bad. That's how the majority of Internet filters still work.

Now imagine if there was a site that had both good stuff and bad stuff on it. Then you'd have to categorize on a page by page level (vs just blocking/allowing the full website). Such is the case with YouTube. There's tons of great stuff. But there's also a bunch of trash you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. A lot of the Internet filters out there realize this is an impossible task, and so they just give you the option to block or allow all of YouTube. There's a couple brave Internet filters out there that attempt to categorize all pages, but they fail miserably.

And here goes YouTube, introducing their latest and greatest feature that returns a whole slew of new "exploration" results when you search for a video. It's a great feature. I'd explain it but it'd triple the of this already expanding blog post - so you can just read about it HERE.

YouTube and every other respected website is constantly changing their features and web pages. Keeping up with the changes is tough. Thus, we've built Net Nanny to intelligently look at the content of the webpage and block or allow pages dynamically, based upon the content, and not their url. Pretty smart huh? It works too - just take a look at the Net Nanny reviews.

Net Nanny. Loved by YouTube, loved by you too.