Sep 17, 2020

If you’re having problems with your child's iOS device running Net Nanny and accessing to the internet, follow these few steps below to ensure “Location Services” are enabled.

On the iOS device protected by Net Nanny, open Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. Scroll down to the Net Nanny Child App this is named “NN”. Tap on the App's name and make sure the “Allow Location Access” is set to “Always”.

Important Note: Disabling or changing this setting will break internet connectivity for the protected iOS device. Without the Location Services Permission enabled, the iOS operating system will automatically close the Net Nanny App without your child’s knowledge every few minutes.

For the best protection, please instruct your child to allow Net Nanny to be on the "Always Allow" Location Service in the background to avoid this problem for future use. 

If this did not solve your problem click here.

Trey Patterson

Clayton Ostler

Clayton is passionate about how Net Nanny’s AI-driven filtering solution can help parents protect their kids from inappropriate content, while still letting kids experience the positive benefits of the online world.