Mar 25, 2020

The need for Content Filters to block porn has never been greater!

As an example, PornHub, the world’s most popular porn site announced March 24 that they are making all their premium content available worldwide for free for a month. This comes on the heels of providing free subscriptions in Italy, Spain and France. With all of the media buzz around this announcement, parents are more concerned than ever and looking for help to block PornHub and block porn websites.

Of course, the problem isn’t just PornHub. During this time of crisis while kids are at home and online doing schoolwork, watching movies, playing games, or just entertaining themselves, the risk of exposure to porn both accidental and due to curiosity, has greatly increased.

Adding to this concern, pornographic distributors see this increase in time online and hope to capitalize on the potential for new audiences. One of the primary questions the Net Nanny support team gets is focused on protecting kids and blocking porn. Parents want to know things like, how to block Porn Hub, block porn, limit search engine results, and stop exposure to unwanted and inappropriate content.

Block Porn with Net Nanny

Right now kids are online more than ever. The risk of exposure to inappropriate content increases exponentially when measured against kids’ time online. The need to block PornHub and other pornography websites has never been greater.

While there are hundreds of solutions that claim to block pornography, Net Nanny® is the only solution that uses advanced technology to evaluate the content of a webpage each time kids visit and in real-time. Why does this matter?

Websites are constantly updating and changing, with hundreds of thousands of new user-generated pages added to the Internet every day. The ever-changing nature of the Internet demands a porn filter that can analyze new content and block porn around the clock, the moment you request a webpage.

With Net Nanny® parental control software installed on your family’s devices, you have the best porn blocker available. You can easily block pornhub and other porn websites, while inappropriate searches are detected and parents will instantly receive a warning of their child’s online activity.

Below is a list of how this porn blocker can help:

  • Block access to known and new pornographic and mature websites
  • Detect and block pornography in real-time in any webpage
  • Filter pornography in many Social Medial webpages
  • Block pornographic content in web searches
  • Allow access to approved websites or category content types
  • Instantly allow or block websites based on your preferences
  • Send alerts when inappropriate activity is detected
  • Black list websites and any content you feel is inappropriate

Porn can be found in Internet Searches

Online markets spend thousands of dollars to have their content appear from an Internet search. This tactic is also used by pornography distributors. Simple Internet searches can expose kids to porn and other unwanted content. To help block porn and keep kids safe. Net Nanny blocks porn in search engines and enforces Safe Search technology to protect kids from accidental exposure.

Net Nanny also sends instant alerts when kids search inappropriate content. Alerts let parents know when a kid’s curiosity gets the best of them.


With more than half of all children being accidentally exposed to pornography each year. Porn blocking software is important to prevent accidental exposure. Porn blocking is important for families because your kids can easily stumble upon or search for mature, offensive or dangerous content online. With increased time online the risk is constantly growing.

Net Nanny recognizes this need and is using their powerful Artificial Intelligence in Custom Content Filters to empower parents and protect kids. Net Nanny is the only parental control solution with Artificial Intelligence to let parents detect, block and monitor any topic, subject or content type. You can learn more about Net Nanny at

Summary of Potential Concerns

  • Kids are online more than ever and the risk of exposure is constantly growing. The need for content filters to block porn and other unwanted content has never been more evident.
  • Porn distributors are trying to increase their audience by making their content easier to access or even stumble upon unintentionally.
  • Parents know that websites change all the time and blocking porn requires smart content filters with Artificial Intelligence like Net Nanny.
  • Search Engines can be a source of porn. To fully protect kids from dangers, they need a solution to block porn in search engine results.


Pornographers keep up-to-date on the latest technology and are developing new and subtle methods to take an innocent click of the mouse to the darkest places online. Parents need tools to protect kids from pornography and other unwanted content.

New websites are added to the Internet every hour and Internet users are posting unmonitored content on blogs, Wikis, Social Media, and other websites all day and every day.

To keep kids safe, smart content filtering with porn blocking technology that reviews all components of every web page is critical. Only Net Nanny includes Artificial Intelligence to detect and block porn. Net Nanny makes it safe for kids to use the Internet.

Net Nanny’s #1-rated porn blocking software in the world!

Get peace of mind and protection, allow Net Nanny’s parental control software to help you win the battle against pornography.

Clayton Ostler

Clayton is passionate about how Net Nanny’s AI-driven filtering solution can help parents protect their kids from inappropriate content, while still letting kids experience the positive benefits of the online world.