Jun 12, 2012


I believe pornography addicts. I am currently a sponsor for a few young men in my community who are addicted. They try very hard to quit, but have frequent mishaps. Even a seductive image shown openly in a print ad, on TV, or online can cause a relapse.

There are arguments from some that pornography is not bad and can even be healthy. A recent popular book series "Fifty Shades of Gray" is openly touted as "mommy porn." In fact, the incidence of women viewing and becoming addicted to pornography is rising. And even benign web sites such as Wikipedia can include pornographic images.

The irony of these things is that those who admit having an addiction say it is a powerful, all-consuming habit. In fact, the addicts with whom I've spoken confess a sincere desire to stop viewing--but can't seem to do that without help. Recent studies show that pornography causes a bonding, chemical reaction in the body.

This conundrum implies a dicey future for the uninformed pornography consumer. Those who believe pornography inflicts no harm see no need to inform others while those addicted are experiencing life-altering and negative consequences. Sadly, the addicted rely on the supply of pornography never ending.

Pornography purveyance is at an all-time high and this only increases demand. It has been shown that, in some cases, one exposure to pornography can lead to a lifetime of addictive behavior. The nature of pornography plays on the natural, sexual instincts of humans. Pornographers are brilliant; they craft their images and videos to be graphic, shocking, and scintillating. They feed the dark desires of viewers and hook them.

According to specialists and rehab centers, the number of teens and adults seeking professional help for pornography-related issues is at all-time highs. There is an overwhelming need to educate teens and adults that pornography can have devastating consequences. One recent article went so far as to say that parents are to blame for pornography addiction.

Until the non-addicted majority of society realizes how detrimental porn can be, the industry will only grow and more addicts will struggle. If you don't believe that pornography is a powerful addiction, speak with someone who can't quit.

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