Your kids will have a story to tell

Aug 09, 2011

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Here at ContentWatch we work to provide a product that fills an unusual need. With everything in Pop culture leading to a more sexualized society, we help people stand against the current of less clothes and more steam. I learn a lot in this industry. Maybe too much. Even so, I never fail to be surprised by headlines declaring another arrest for child pornography, of which there are many. I never fail to be fascinated by the research that suggests pornography is harmful. Once in a while, however, I come across a story that reminds me, on an emotional level, that there is a higher purpose for our company.

I recently read an article written by a woman who felt the negative effects of pornography in her home. She was not the spouse. She was not the addict. She was the child. Her story is heart wrenching as she describes how pornography impacted her self esteem, her sexual boundaries, and her relationship with her parents. It is all very raw. Her story reminds me of something I already understand, that pornography doesn't just affect the addict or the partner. It affects everyone close, especially children.

Children have a way of discovering what's hidden. They have a knack of picking up on secret messages and finding hidden Christmas presents. Whatever you hope will not be found probably will be, and for better or worse, your kids will have a story to tell their friends as they grow older. Our messages are often targeted to protect kids from themselves online, but sometimes we need to protect kids from ourselves, too. And sometimes, we need to just protect ourselves.

What are your thoughts? Is it okay to block your kids from porn but not yourself?