You Got Net Nannied!

Jun 28, 2011

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Any college basketball aficionado is sure to know the name of Jimmer Fredette, who played as a Senior guard for BYU last year. He won numerous national player of the year awards and was recently picked by the Sacramento Kings in the first round (#10 pick) of the draft. Partway through the 2010-11 season, Jimmer's popularity as an explosive player that could score from anywhere south of the middle court line earned him verb status. The rather raucous crowds of over twenty two thousand fans that would flock to see Jimmer play live chanted “You Got Jimmered as a taunt toward opposing teams as Jimmer dropped baskets.

Likewise, Net Nanny has been explodingly successful as an Internet filter, earning best Internet filter awards from PC Magazine, Top Ten Reviews, and numerous other media outlets. As the industry leader in Internet filtering, Net Nanny was first to introduce proxy filtering, social network monitoring, and profanity masking. Just like Jimmer, Net Nanny has been recognized in the software hall of fame with it's very own verb status. A Google search of “net nannied returns over 300,000 results. Here's just a few of the best Net-Nanny-as-a-verb examples we could find:

  • In discussing “Shitaki mushrooms one individual's filter erroneously blocked them due to the mushroom name sounding like something that is a bi-product of food consumption. In referring to the occurrence, the individual says his post "is getting net-nannied.
  • Michael Turton describes his first interaction with an Internet filter as him having been “Net Nannied!
  • In discussing a website not loading as it should, one forum poster wonders if his wife “has Net Nannied my computer due to goat porn.

So, next time you've got the urge to taunt someone with “you got moded! instead use some more modern vernacular such as “you got Net Nannied!