Worry About Online Privacy- Are You Insuring Yours?

Jan 23, 2013

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When someone mentions online privacy we always get a little bit worried. We talk about how important it is to keep our private details secure; we might even bring up someone we know whose online banking got hacked. But how are we doing individually when it comes to protecting our own online privacy?

According to online research company eMarketer, we might set out trying to protect our digital identities with the best of intentions but often fail to take the right practical steps. The research company went on to say that this is due largely in part to a lack of digital know-how. In a survey from earlier this year that focused on search engine usage, just 38% of online adults said they were “aware of ways to limit how much personal information websites can collect about them.” Things aren’t much better among people with tertiary education. Fewer than half (44%) of university graduates claimed to have such knowledge.

What about when you are asked to sacrifice your privacy for services? Are you weighing each field carefully before filling it in?

“When you ask people, ‘Are you comfortable being tracked,’ they’ll say no,” said John Montgomery, chief operating officer of media investment company GroupM. “Yet when they sign in to Google or Apple—and Apple has a 23-page privacy or conditions policy when you sign in to iTunes—a tiny percentage of people decide to opt out. And the reason why is because if you opt out, you can’t get the service.”

How many of us take the time to read the Terms of Use?  Or pay attention to the radio buttons that allow us to opt out?

There are many sites on the Internet that can provide entertainment and valuable resources.  Make sure that before you sign up for any membership,  you take the time to evaluate how your information will be stored and utilized.  Will your information be sold to third parties?  Is the service that is being offered worth it?

 I work for Net Nanny. The opinions expressed here are my own.