Why You Should Choose Net Nanny over WiFi Solutions

Jun 03, 2016



Why use software like Net Nanny® ?

In the current era where tablets, notebooks, and smartphones dominate households, software developers have adjusted to this dynamic shift in mobility to allow every-day people security options (like parental controls) even when they leave the house. This allows many people to use multiple devices and install easily without confusing licenses and complex installs. Like most of us, I have multiple devices at my disposal. My daughter is very familiar with smartphones and using tablets and we’re always on the go. Software as a service makes more sense for my family than a Wi-Fi option. Here’s why.



  1. No hardware required
    Net Nanny® accomplishes this exact same thing as the aforementioned, and that's one of the shortfalls of a Wi-Fi solution. There is zero hardware to setup at all, and the only thing you need to configure is users and settings. With other services that require boxes, you have to go through several steps to setup a hardware device on your home network. In addition the time limits on platforms can inaccurate. Net Nanny® installed an "agent" on any device depending on your subscription model and sticks with the devices no matter what. This leads to the second point below.
  2. More difficult to circumvent
    Not only with end users, kids and teens are especially smart these days. As an IT Professional it is a challenge to stay a step ahead of ways to sneak around security policies and solutions. It is very possible to circumvent the security with WiFi options(especially if they are not home or on a cellular network). This is possible because it can only protect local wireless devices. Also, good luck tracking your devices with a Wi-Fi solutions because it locates all network devices at once. All they would have to do with a hardware solution tied to a local wireless network is turn off WiFi and connect to cellular/data, or even staying on Wi-Fi, just connect to a different wireless network. Not that hard, right?
  3. Location independent
    Also with no hardware required the Net Nanny® software can be as flexible or strict as possible. Even with granular time controls for internet usage and security, no matter where the devices are located as long as they are online and have some sort of internet connection. Also the setting could be lost when the servers are reset. Changes are instant and you don't need to worry about installing any additional management apps on devices. Gone are the days of worrying about what your kids are doing on devices when you can't physically be supervising them all the time.

Summer is here and we can't be with our kids every minute. If you wish to keep your family safe online while on the go, software like Net Nanny® is a great solution. Visit www.netnanny.com store for more information or you can contact me on social media. My handle on all social media platforms is @ChrisMcManamy (Twitter and Snapchat for quickest responses), if you have any questions or comments.