Why is an App Manager important?

Jul 18, 2012

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Kids seem to be using smartphones and tablets all the time. Because mobile devices access content and communicate in various ways, there can be risks and consequences when no rules or technology are put in place to manage the Apps on mobile devices. Some of the risks parents need to be aware of include:

Data Usage – Most data plans have a limited amount of uploads and downloads. Mobile Apps can consume this data very quickly and incur overage charges. Controlling which Apps are on a mobile device can limit costs.

Inappropriate Content – Mobile devices access the majority of their content via Apps. Limiting which Apps can be used or installed can help stop unwanted and inappropriate content.

Identity Theft – Because it takes very little to write and publish mobile applications in the Google Play Marketplace, Apps with malware or that can potentially steal personal information from your mobile device are all too common. Limiting Apps to only those that are approved helps prevent Identity Theft and Spyware Apps.

Inappropriate Communications with Others – Most parents are concerned about their child’s interactions with others while online. Mobile devices add to this concern by providing hundreds of Apps for communication. Limiting Apps on a mobile device helps parents manage which Apps and methods their children can use to interact with others.

Time Wasting – Most parents want to give their kids a mobile device for communication and to stay in touch, but often these devices are misused and turn into major time wasters. Limiting what kinds of Apps can be used can help eliminate wasted time.

Online Purchases – Many mobile Apps represent that they are free, but generate revenue through “in-app purchases.” Blocking these types of Apps can help parents limit liability and eliminate unwanted credit card charges.

Net Nanny for Android with App Manager can help manage and avoid these risks. To protect your child and yourself, attention must be given to which Apps are being downloaded and used.

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