When is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

Sep 30, 2015

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It’s understandable that some parents are hesitant about their child owning a smartphone; after all smartphone use is connected to shortened attention spans, disrupted sleep, along with an endless list of dangers that are on the internet.

However, smartphones aren’t necessarily bad. Being able to connect with your child 24/7 is reassuring. But when is the right age for your child to actually own a smartphone?

According to Dr. Michael Rich at Harvard Medical School,  it is best to take the following ideas into account before purchasing a smartphone for your child :

Why does your child need a smartphone?

Step back and consider what the needs and benefits are of your child owning a smartphone.  Then think about if those needs and benefits are crucial. 

Is your child responsible enough?

There are many dangers on the Internet such as sexting, viewing inappropriate content and talking with strangers. The dangerous part is that your child doesn’t always have to go looking for it. Is your child mature enough to know when and how to say no?

If you are going to buy your child a smartphone, talk with them first.

Make sure that both you and your child understand the limits and responsibilities of owning a phone. Set rules about what it can and cannot be used for. Set time limits.

There is no “right time” for your child to own a smartphone. That decision is up to you and your child.  Visit our blog for more information about children and devices.

If you are concerned about dangers that may arise, Net Nanny for Android helps protect your child’s phone.

** The information used in this article is from the Huffington Post