What Do Mothers Worry About Most?

Jun 04, 2009

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Jill C. Manning, Ph.D., a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in research and clinical work related to pornography and its impact on marriages and families, recently conducted a survey.  She asked mothers the following question:

“As a mother (or grandmother), which issues and influences in today's world concern you the most with regards to your children/grandchildren?

The results were very interesting. Although there were other answers given these were the ones mentioned the most, in order:
  1. Impact of Media (TV, movies, cartoons, Internet, social networking sites, video games, music, cell phones, iPods) on morals, innocence, behaviour, learning, thinking, writing.
  2. Immorality
  3. Pornography
  4. Sexualization of children (immodest and ‘sexy’ clothing, imagery/ads, too much information too early, beauty pageants for youngsters, Playboy marketing)
  5. School Environments that do not promote internal character/morals that undermine religious teachings in the home.
  6. Spiritual/Religious well-being of children/youth
  7. Issue of gay marriage and homosexuality
  8. Lack of manners and an increasingly rude society
  9. Society’s disrespect for the body (tattoos, sexuality, gender identity, unhealthy body image).
  10. Influence of addictive behaviors (drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling).