Viewing Pornography is Wrong?

Nov 29, 2011

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The Internet is a wonderful tool and vehicle to get you to almost anywhere you want to go.  Places and things that were out of reach due to financial or physical limitations can now be attained with just the click of a mouse.  Take pornography for an example.  Before the late 80's, individuals that wanted to view scantily clad women or men, had to buy magazines or visit a special club.  People can now turn on a computer and have a smorgasbord of options.
  • Is there anything wrong with a married man or woman indulging in a few servings during the day?
  • How does it affect one's attitude and view towards their spouse?
Viewing pornography daily, and even once in a while, is wrong.  When two people join in marriage, they make promises to one another.  They promise to love and cherish their spouse through all of the hardships that may come along.

Using pornography to supplement a relationship can and will destroy it in the end.  A spouse that is viewing pornographic material compares you to the images and practices that are portrayed.  He or she may justify their actions, but these very actions will cloud their ability to participate in actual real love.

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