Utah Child Protection Registry

Jul 22, 2014

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Kids these days are growing up in an online world.  Children as young as two are using tablets, mobile phones and computers.  93% of teens (12-17) are online and 63% of teen internet users are online every day.  The online world is changing quickly and parents are struggling to keep up on what their kids are doing and who they are talking to.  So what can parents do to limit the negative messages their children are exposed to online?

This is where Utah’s Child Protection Registry comes in.  In 2005, the Utah State legislature voted to create a registry where parents can register their email addresses, cell phone numbers and instant messenger ID’s to block adult advertising from targeting their family’s inboxes.  Companies marketing products and services such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography, online gambling and illegal drugs will not be able to send their advertisements to those Utahns who have opted out of such messages.   Current spam filters direct this kind of content to a folder in your inbox while the Utah Child Protection Registry prevents you from ever receiving them in the first place. 

Here’s what you do- log onto https://donotcontact.utah.gov register the email addresses and cell phone numbers you want to protect and that’s it!  The service is fast, easy and best of all completely FREE.

The Registry will not solve all of the problems faced by parents, but it will give families one extra layer of protection from harmful enticements.   In an online world that is swiftly moving, isn’t it nice to know that at least your emails and cell phones are protected?