Top Internet Safety Tips #4: Be Kind Online

Feb 05, 2016

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Anonymity is an appealing aspect of the Internet, especially for cyber bullies. In the last few years, it has become a serious issue among teens.

Cyber bullying can be anything from circulating hate messages, hacking into someone’s social media account, to making threats – and it is just as illegal online as it is in the real world. Because there has been so much attention brought to cyber bullying, it is harder to get away with it.  Be aware of what your child says and does online because they can are being watched and can get caught.

Watch for signs to see if your child is bullying or being bullied. Sign soften include depression and anxiety, failing grades and school attendance, lack of sleep, and mistrusting others.

To help your child avoid being a bully or a victim, have access to their social media accounts and text messages. Set rules and create consequences if they are broken. Most importantly, let them know they can talk with you. Most victims or witnesses of cyber bullying will never tell an adult and the consequences can be extremely serious.