The Internet is Just Like Junior High

Apr 19, 2013

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Soka Junior High School

Some experts believe that the internet perpetuates childhood. It’s like being eternally stuck in junior high. On the internet, you’re anonymous, so it’s easy to call someone names, or spread inappropriate pictures of them. You don’t have to see how it affects them. There’s no responsibility for your actions.

There are all the same cliques, so you never have to hear an opinion different than yours. If you do stumble across someone with a different opinion, just leave a comment calling them stupid and move on. And you never have to turn it off. It’s all available at the press of a button, or the swipe of a finger. The squirt of dopamine we get when we indulge in instant gratification keeps us coming back for more.  We also crave the attention we get when we post something online, be it a video or a meme. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, and it doesn’t matter if the attention is positive or negative. It only matters that you got attention. Yup; definitely sounding like junior high.

What does all this mean? It means that kids are getting addicted to wasting time online, all the while exposing themselves to all sorts of online dangers. These dangers include sexual predators, cyberbullies, and even identity thieves, all of whom want to gather as much information about your child as possible in order to harm him or her.

Just like we would never leave a school full of pre-teens and teenagers to themselves, we shouldn’t let our teens on the internet without supervision. Consider yourself the principal of the school, with internet filters like Net Nanny as your hall monitor. Net Nanny will tell you what your kids do when they’re out of your sight, so you never have to worry about what they’re doing when you’re not in the room.

I work for Net Nanny and all opinions are my own.