The Dark Side of the Dark Net

Feb 19, 2015

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The dark net is a system of hidden web sites deep within the internet. If you search for a dark net website on Google, you won’t be able to find it. It is very difficult for people and agencies, such as government agencies, to track a user that is using the dark net.

The dark net was created to protect individuals, to make individuals more secure and to ensure that usage of the internet remained private. For example, a human rights activist promoting women’s rights in a country that denounces both free speech and women’s rights can use the dark net to write blogs promoting their cause. By using the dark net, it is very difficult for that country’s government to track and penalize the activist.

The dark net has a variety of different sites. Along with activist web pages, users can find whistleblowers who reveal government information, chat with people who are difficult to contact, or buy items that are difficult to find on the open market. However, the dark net can also be a place where users find child pornography, drug trade, and other illegal sites.

According to an investigation of the dark net, about two percent of the dark net’s websites are child pornography sites and about 24 percent of sites are drug related. Even though child pornography sites account for just two percent, over 80 percent of traffic on the dark net visit child pornography sites. Compare that to only five percent of traffic visiting whistleblower sites.

The good news is that dark net administrators are trying to keep child pornography off of the dark net. In a span of six months, over 80 percent of the child pornography sites that had been in service before were offline. That being said, there were new sites that replaced those sites that went offline.

Most people will never use the dark net and, for many, this may be the first time they’ve ever heard of the dark net. Many good people are using the dark net to promote change in countries. But just like any good thing in the world, there are bad people that have changed its use to passing child pornography and trading drugs.

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