The Changing Landscape of Bullying

Oct 01, 2015

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Bullying has always been a problem for teenagers in middle school and high school. Years ago, victims of bullying would be targeted by and harassed at school. Name-calling, verbal abuse, and in some cases physical abuse would be a part of the harassment.

The difference between then and now is that years ago, the home could be a safe haven. Bullying was confined to school, for the most part. Home was an escape from bullies. Victims would not have to deal with bullies until the next day of school. Today, the bullying continues even after teenagers get home.

Advances in technology have also led to a changing landscape for bullying. In addition to bullying at school, bullies can continue to target other teenagers after they return home from school. Social media and texting are ways bullies can harass teenagers at home. Posting embarrassing photos or texts with hate messages can take just as big a toll on the victims as the physical abuse.

Some schools do their best to stop the amount of cyberbullying that goes on, but there is very little that schools can do. It is up to the teenagers and their parents to take a stand against the cyberbullying.

Many parents create a “lights out” time when teenagers are not allowed to use their devices. Doing this keeps potential cyerbullies away from their devices and keeps victims of cyberbullying from seeing the things that are going on. Parents who believe their child may be victims of cyberbullying or may be cyberbullies can implement this. Along with that, parents can also take devices and check them to see if their children are being bullied or if they are being bullies.

Parents should also understand what apps their teens are using. A lot of teens use apps like Snapchat or Facebook Messenger to communicate with their friends. These apps can also become tools that bullies use to attack their victims.

While bullying has been around for many years, technological advances have changed how bullying is carried out. Parents need to be aware of these changes so that they can help protect their children from cyberbullies. Bullying itself may not ever stop, but parents can help stop their children both from getting hurt, but also from hurting others.

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