The 10 Best Dad Gadgets for Father’s Day

Jun 12, 2018

Dads shape our lives – they protect us, teach us and love us, and in my case, put up with any number of confusing situations that come with raising a teenage girl all alone. And even though I love my dad dearly, trying to pick out a gift for him is nearly impossible!

Sure, I could just get him a gift card, but that seems so impersonal. This is my dad – the man who taught me how to ride a bike and climb a tree in my younger years. And as an adult, he continues to teach me new things like how to do my taxes and change my oil. So, how do repay years of love and guidance with a single gift? I found some gifts perfect for Dad – check out my list below.

iLuv Syrenpro


iluv syren pro

Source: Amazon

This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the Dad on-the-go, since it has a built-in rechargeable battery and a weather-resistant design. Whether he wants to pack it up and take it camping for the weekend or sit on the deck and relax by the pool, all he has to do is pair the Bluetooth to his phone and he can enjoy the incredible sound of this portable speaker.

BioLite Campstove 2


biolite campstove

Source: Amazon

Speaking of camping… whether Dad is a nature master or if he just likes fishing at the local lake, this lightweight camp stove is a great addition to his outdoor gear. Not only does this stove use clean burning technology, it has a USB port for quick and easy phone charging! All you need to do is gather twigs and sticks nearby and you’re ready for an outdoor getaway complete with roasted marshmallows.

ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack


tie rack

Source: Amazon

When in doubt, try this tried and true present. It’s not as cliché as giving Dad a snazzy tie, but it’s a useful gift for the Dad who already has everything. It’s easy to install, works with all kinds of closet shelving and can also hang belts. Bonus points if you set it up for him!

Veho Pebble Smartstick Portable Battery


veho portable battery

Source: Amazon

Give Dad the gift of power this Father’s Day with the Veho Pebble Smartstick Portable Battery. It’s small enough to keep in a glove box or pocket, yet powerful enough to recharge his phone on-the-go. Available in your choice of four colors, this portable battery takes the frustration out of a dying phone battery.

eTape Digital Tape Measure


digital tape measure

Source: Amazon

This digital tape measure is perfect for the handyman in the family. It’s the kind of gift he probably won’t splurge on himself, but it’s a gift he’d appreciate from the family. There are two options available for the eTape Digital Tape Measure: with or without Bluetooth functionality. No matter which option you choose, both have a large digital display, weather resistant design and three different measuring functions to save important measurements. Remember: always measure twice and cut once!

Echo Dot


echo dot

Source: Amazon

The Echo Dot is a big present with a little price tag. Physically, the Echo Dot is small is size, but it packs a punch on functionality. Even if Dad isn’t a tech wiz, the Echo Dot is designed for ease of use and can provide hours of entertainment. The voice-controlled connectivity can play music, control smart home devices, read the news & weather, answer questions and read audiobooks – all with the help of Alexa, the voice-activated assistant.

Apple Watch


apple watch

Source: Amazon

Is Dad an Apple fanatic? Keep him connected with this handy gadget. He’ll enjoy being able to manage a variety of iPhone apps and functions directly from his wrist and the 1.5” display is large enough to read notifications. It’s also Siri integrated and can track daily activity such as calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled.

Fitbit Alta HR


fit bit

Source: Amazon

For active Dads, or Dads who want to become more active, the Fitbit Alta HR is a very useful gift. It has a continuous heart rate monitor, tracks sleep stages, steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. It also has a whopping 7-day battery life and can log specific activities like running and biking. The device itself can be synced to his smartphone. This is also the slimmest Fitbit design on the market so Dad won’t have to lug around a large device if he’s not used to it.

Anker Jump Starter Mini


anker jump starter mini2

Source: Amazon

No clunky cables to deal with or having to wait for another car to pop their hood – this portable charger is an all-in-one answer for a dead car battery. Featuring a 10000mAh battery and 400A peak current, this portable charger can easily jump start a compact car or act as a backup battery for electronic devices. It has 2 USB charge ports, a built-in LED flashlight and protects against surges and short circuits. Forget AAA, now dead car batteries are a breeze for Dad and the entire family.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader


kindle amazon image

Source: Amazon

Sometimes Dad deserves a break – some peace and quiet to unwind and relax. With this Kindle E-Reader, he can enjoy his favorite books during some downtime. This is a great present from the entire family and family members can even download their favorite books onto the device for a more personal touch. With a battery that lasts up to 6 weeks, Dad will be able to enjoy his favorite reads all summer long.