Teens Prefer WhatsApp: It’s Private and Parent- Free

Sep 11, 2014

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As parents are becoming more tech-savvy, teens are becoming more secretive. That explains why WhatsApp has become one of the most popular apps. Teens are leaving giant social networks (like Facebook) and moving to messaging apps- which are quickly becoming true social networks.

WhatsApp is a free app available to anyone who owns a Smartphone. It is an alternative to SMS and MMS. Users can send each other multiple images, videos, and audio messages, as well as their current location. Although it's most popular among international users, its popularity is growing among teens. Teens are using it to set up chat groups, and find and add new friends.

That is how a 14 year old girl in St. Helens was groomed by a sexual predator. The girl’s mother became worried after noticing mood changes and worsening performance at school. It was then that she looked through her daughter’s phone and discovered that she had been sending indecent images to 30 year-old, Nicholas Daniels. 

Teens are often ashamed or afraid to say anything to adults when an “innocent” relationship becomes dangerous.  Although it is crucial to keep open lines of communication with your teen, there are other tools that can assist in keeping them safe.

Net Nanny provides parental controls for Android and iOS.


Net Nanny for Android provides App management. By using this, administrators can remotely view, block, or allow the installed or newly installed apps (inappropriate or not) from the device.


Net Nanny for iOS provides pre-defined safety settings that allow device users to safely surf the web.

Apple has also embedded iOS Restrictions for apps. Under “Restrictions” in your settings, the administrator has the ability to change apps settings and increase level of parental control.

For more information about iOS control, visit: https://www.netnanny.com/support/ios/

Cases, similar to the one mentioned above, are becoming more common. There are millions of strangers on social networks and messaging apps. Protect your child with safety software and be aware of who they are talking to.

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