Teens Know Consequences of Pornography

Oct 02, 2014

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Teens and children are being exposed to pornography at a young age. A survey conducted in Britain found that almost half of young people are regularly exposed to pornography before the age of 14. The majority of teens said that pornography has become a part of everyday life.

Exposure to pornography has unfortunately become a large part of young adult life. It is easily accessible from anywhere: cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Some teens have also participated in producing pornography, sending nude selfies to each other. It is a problem that many teens recognize.

80% of 18 year-old teens surveyed said that pornography was too easy to access and because of this, growing up had become more complicating. 77% of young women said that pornography had led them to feel pressure to look and act a certain way and 46% of young women said that sending explicit images or videos of themselves was common.

Many of these teens say that pornography has shaped their view of relationships. 4 out of 10 teens said that they learned about sex through pornography, and 25% of teens said that much of what they knew about relationships was because of pornography. Teens also said that poor sex education at school and at home added pressure on them to view pornography and become sexually active.

With pornography having such an impact in teenagers’ lives, take steps to ensure that your child knows the consequences and effects of pornography. Talk to them about healthy sexuality so that they avoid going to other sources for information.

To further protect your child, consider installing an internet filter. An internet filter such as Net Nanny will block pornographic websites and other explicit websites so that your child isn’t exposed to pornography. Also consider monitoring your child’s social media with Net Nanny Social so that you can be aware of the things your child is posting on social media.

Even as pornography becomes a huge part of a teenager’s life, there are things that you do can help prevent your child from being exposed to it.

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