Teachers Aren’t Prepared for Cyberbullying

Sep 04, 2014

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While many parents expect teachers to teach their kids about being safe on the internet, most teachers have not been trained on internet safety. A global survey revealed that there is a discrepancy between how much time parents expect online safety to be taught and how much time is actually spent teaching about online safety.

In the survey, over 90% of teachers say they use the internet in class. However, only 18% said that they had received former training on teaching online safety. And over 75% of teachers thought that parents relied too much on teachers to educate their kids about the internet and internet safety.

Another concern that teachers have is cyberbullying. About one-third of teachers felt that they didn’t feel prepared to handle cyberbullying situations but a quarter of teachers have had a student come to them with a cyberbullying issue.

Most educators believe that internet safety should become a bigger part of the curriculum so that they feel more prepared to deal with situations involving the internet.

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