Study Shows Which Genders Rule each Social Media Platform

Nov 08, 2013

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social media2Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ represent the dominant forms of social media. But which age groups dominate each form?

A report by Business Insider details which ages and genders use each of the big social media platforms. As expected, the younger generation are confirmed to be the most active users overall. From there, however, the results differentiate, especially in gender and income.

Facebook remains the most popular form of social media by far. However it is growing in the older demographic: The age bracket of 45-54 year-olds shows a 45% increase from late 2012.

Twitter is made up of younger users, as 27% of U.S. users are in the 18-29 age group, while just 16% of the 30-45 age group access Twitter.

Tumblr is notoriously geared to a younger demographic. It remains “strong with teens and young adults who are interested in self-expression,” but doesn’t hold near influence of Facebook and Twiter. Of U.S. Internet users in the $75,000+ income bracket, only 8% use Tumblr.

Social media platforms become more particular when you consider gender. Pinterest’s female-user stereotype is not too skewed: 84% of its users are women. Instagram too holds a majority of female users with 68% being women. On the other hand, men still hold the dominant portion of the business-focused platforms: They make up 70% of Google+ accounts and keep a strong LinkedIn presence.

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