Stalking Your Teenage Daughter: There's an App for That

Jan 17, 2013

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There’s an app for everything nowadays, so it was only a matter of time until there was one to help Facebook users more easily “stalk” their friends’ profiles for inappropriate pictures of them. (Note: yes, young Facebook users really do call looking through a friend’s profile stalking. Shows just what kind of attitude they have towards social media.)

The app, called Badabing, works by identifying the shape of a bikini in the photos of up to five friends at a time. It then compiles the photos into a list that can easily be liked, bookmarked, and shared. This is a problem because anyone of any age can use this app, including adults looking for pictures of underage girls.

Teens need to be made aware that if they share photos on Facebook, those photos are no longer under their control. The creator of Badabing suggested that people just set strict privacy settings, which is a good suggestion in general, but it isn’t enough in this case. Even if users have strict privacy settings, friends can take a screen cap and then share the photo with complete strangers. This is especially disconcerting because of a recent study that found that 88% of suggestive or sexual photos uploaded by teens to social networks end up on porn websites. This app can only help that process.

If you’re concerned about what photos your teen is posting of herself online, sit down with her and go through her profile. Remove photos that could seem suggestive. Talk to her about what is and isn’t considered appropriate in your family to post online. Further, consider using monitoring software to be updated on future posts on Facebook and other social media sites.

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