Sorry, We Block Both Types of Pornography: Legal and Illegal

Feb 23, 2012

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We have a very flexible return policy at ContentWatch. If someone doesn't want our award-winning Internet filtering software, generally speaking we provide money back. :-)

The other day, a customer called and said he didn't want Net Nanny any longer because it blocks legal pornography. I had to stop and think about that for a moment. Legal pornography would be the type that doesn't include or involve children. He wanted a filter that blocked illegal pornography only.

For a variety of reasons, I have always considered pornography as a negative influence on children, marriages, and society. The fact that you can distinguish between legal pornography and illegal pornography seemed comical to me.

I want to go on record stating that Net Nanny can block legal and illegal pornography, and we aren't likely to change that in future.