Social Media Spring Cleaning

May 08, 2014

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Your resume is the quintessential tool for determining your job qualifications. However, social media can be ideal for assessing a candidate’s dependability, personality, and character.

Recently 2,100 hiring managers were surveyed regarding their social media use during the hiring process: half admitted to using social media to research applicants. Hiring managers aren’t the only ones checking up on you—university admission boards and loan companies do too.

This spring, follow these few steps to clean up your social media accounts and profiles:

  1. Search for yourself on the internet. View the results from the other’s perspective and verify that what is depicted coincides with your resume. If there is anything questionable, take it down.
  2. Delete abandoned social media accounts
  3. Review and revise social media privacy settings for greater security.
    • Facebook users can easily change their privacy settings. Click on the padlock icon in the upper right corner of your home page and update the privacy settings.
    • Twitter’s privacy policy isn't as secure and allows all posts to be public. Remove any questionable tweets and only post content that will add to your application.

Social media can help or hinder chances of employment and other opportunities. Use social media profiles to your advantage and take time to consider that there may be others beside family and friends checking in on you. Not only will this help with future opportunities, but it will help protect your identity and online safety.

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