Silly Parents, Netflix is For Kids

Mar 16, 2012

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Netflix offers DVD and streaming-video options for its customers. Through game devices, you can watch your favorite films or TV shows. Due to the nature of some content offered, not all are acceptable for children. Parental controls are necessary for families to manage what their children can and can't view.

In 2011, the company unveiled "Netflix Just For Kids." This program is safe for children to use and provides a child-friendly environment in which no parental controls are necessary. It allows children to roam freely in the portal to choose what to watch.

Since its release, “more than one billion hours of children's programming have been viewed” which has kept children safe from “violence, nudity, language, or any of the other questionable things cable television offers.”

It is commendable that a company would put so much effort and funding into developing a program that protects children.

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