Sex Offenders Take their Game to Xbox Live

Oct 31, 2013

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Xbox 360  Wireless Controller

Parents may want to reconsider if their child should be playing video games online. One parent from Auburn, Washington became suspicious when a 22-year-old man messaged her 14 year-old son to give him a call. The 22-year-old man sent his phone number through Xbox Live, an online service that allows gamers to connect from remote locations across the world. The mom took the phone number and gave it to police to see if they could find out more about this man since she knew nothing about him. Police took the number and were quick to identify the solicitor as Brennon Cloud, a convicted sex offender who previously made two attempts at raping two young girls.

Police resumed communication with Cloud by using the 14-year-old boy’s phone to text him. Not knowing that he was actually talking to police, Cloud asked the 14-year-old boy if he knew any girls he could hook up with. The police gave him a number owned by a detective who pretended to be a young cheerleader named Stayc. Cloud sent explicit images and message to Stayc who in reality was a detective.

Stayc texted Cloud that she would be in his city for a cheerleading competition and that she wanted to meet up with him. He agreed to hook up with her at a local grocery store, and so Cloud showed up expecting to find Stayc but instead was met by the detective impersonating her.

Brennon Clouds now faces 2 charges of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. It was later discovered that he was also soliciting sex from a 16-year-old girl in the Seattle, Washington area.

Parents need to realize that the Internet is not the only place where sexual predators lurk. Sexual predators will go wherever they need to go and will use any means possible to get to a child. It’s important that parents monitor and control the interactions that their kids make anywhere online. If your child ever comes to you confused about something sexual someone has told them online, do as the mother did in this story and contact the police immediately. No matter how small the issue may seem, always speak out before it’s too late.