Seriously, That's Too Much Information!

Aug 15, 2012

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Last week on our Facebook Community page, we shared a statistic that almost a third of teens post their cell phone number online. Our intention was to bring the issue to the forefront—that too much personal information is posted online by kids.

One of our fans, Carolynn Yancey responded and commented about her experiences related to this trend. Carolynn works as skiptracer, which is a person whose job is to find or locate other people, for any number of purposes. This is a job similar to a private investigator.

She said the following: I find people for a living; I find most people through their children who post their cell phone numbers on their open access Facebook pages. In fact, when I am trying to find someone, I go to Facebook and look for a person's "young" relatives. They almost always have their privacy settings loose and they either post their number on their wall (especially when they get new ones) OR they post their numbers on their best friend's posts. I find them there too.

Wow! Carolynn is proof that many kids post too much personal information online, including info on their Facebook pages.

As parents, we naturally give our kids rules for the real world. We need to make certain we also give our kids rules for the cyber world in which they spend so much time.

Discuss what is appropriate to share online and explain why you feel that way. You’ll have a safety-savvy child in no time.

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