Safety Tips from Your Child’s Social Media

Feb 11, 2015

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When social media sites such as Facebook publish tips for their users, they can sometimes be difficult to find and to understand. However, many of these tips can have useful information for parents. Most social media sites offer tips specifically for parents to help their children be secure on their social network. Here are tips published by three of the major social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


In Facebook’s safety center, there is a section entitled “Help Your Teens Play It Safe”. In this section, questions that parents frequently asked are answered, such as “What’s my teen doing on Facebook?” or “Who can see my teen’s post?” They also give tips on how to talk to your teens about Facebook and what you should do to protect your teen on Facebook.


Instagram’s Help Center has a section entitled “Tips for Parents”. Similar to Facebook’s section, Instagram’s tips for parents are given by answering frequently asked questions. Because most parents aren’t as familiar with Instagram as Facebook, Instagram also has a section giving basic info about what Instagram is. Instagram’s tips also include sections on security and safety.


Twitter’s support page has a section that offers advice for families. This support page gives some basic information about Twitter and then gives tips to families on what they can do to be safe on Twitter. Twitter also gives advice on what to do “when it has gone too far,” referring to unwanted online behavior. These tips include reporting a violation or, if necessary, contacting local authorities.

Another way to ensure that your child is using social media appropriately and to ensure they are secure is installing a social media monitor like Net Nanny Social. Net Nanny Social helps protect kids from online threats found on social media by allowing you to have access to your child’s photos and videos, and by helping you keep an eye on your child’s friend-related activities.