Safer Internet Day

Feb 09, 2010

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Today is “Safer Internet Day.  People from around the globe are gathering together to discuss and promote a safer online experience for you and your family.  From your desktop and laptop to your smart phone and iTouch, it's important to ensure your kids are protected and empowered to make responsible decisions, regardless of technology they use. 

This year's focus is on “Think B4 U post.  With Net Nanny you can have peace of mind and view all the pictures, friends, videos, and comments your kids post on sites like Facebook and Beebo.  However, we feel that it's more important to be proactive, empower your kids, and help them make good decisions for themselves. Express how sharing an inappropriate message, video or picture can end with severe consequences for everyone involved.

To help celebrate Safer Internet Day, review Net Nanny's Safety Tips with your kids: