Safe Social Networks for Kids

Aug 31, 2012

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With Facebook becoming an integral part of most adults' and teenagers' lives, it's only natural that the younger generation wants to join in too. However, Facebook is only for people 13 years old and older, and rightfully so, for several safety reasons.

For Internet users who might not be old enough for Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites frequented by adults and teens, there are still ways to connect with peers online. These safe social networks are designed just for children, with Internet safety as the top priority.

Six of these sites are Disney's Club Penguin, Fantage, Everloop, Moshi Monsters, Your Sphere, and Franktown Rocks. These websites give children the same advantages of a social network with none of the safety concerns.

On each of these kid-friendly sites, parents are in control of the sign-up process and through an auto-complete conversation feature, kids are prevented from sharing personal information or talking about subjects like sex and alcohol. With these features, kids have a place to connect with other kids online in a safe environment.

Do you have kids on any of these safe social networks?

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