Privacy Policy More Visible on Facebook

Nov 28, 2012

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facebook loginGood news for Facebook users!  Facebook is now presenting some information about their privacy policies up front when new users sign up. New users are given information on how to set their privacy settings and include settings for Timeline as part of the registration process. They are also informed about how Facebook apps and games can access their data.

For users already signed up for the site, Facebook has made their privacy settings much more easily accessible, with the options more clearly laid out.

There are all sorts of unsavory people on Facebook, including child predators after your child, and scammers after your information, just to name a couple.  Adjusting your privacy settings will keep you and your family safe.  If you set your privacy settings to the most private options, and “friend” people you know in real life, they will be the only ones that can see your comments and photos.

You should talk to your children about their Facebook privacy settings. Make sure that their settings are set to the strictest level. In addition, consider monitoring what your children are doing on Facebook, because no amount of privacy settings can prevent them from sharing too much information in a wall post or private message.

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