Pornography: Not Just an American Problem

Sep 15, 2015

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American youth are constantly bombarded by pornography in the media. Whether it’s online, on TV, or printed, pornography can be found just about anywhere. Most American parents have tools at their disposal to help prevent their kids from becoming addicted to pornography, such as good education about technology and web filters.

However, pornography is not just an American problem: it is a global problem. Youth all around the world are becoming addicted to pornography on the internet. And while Americans and other developed countries may have access to resources to prevent pornography addiction, other countries may not have those same resources.

Consider India, for example. India has the world’s largest youth population, with over 356 million youth in the country. Experts in India are just as concerned about the prevalence of pornography of Indian youth as experts in the United States are concerned about American youth.

Experts in India say that many of the youth that become addicted to pornography are turning to pornography to learn about sex, just as youth in many other countries are doing. These experts are quick to point out that pornography is not a healthy way to learn about sex.  They recommend that parents talk to their children about healthy sexuality and that schools offer sex education classes.

It is often difficult for parents to know how to protect their children from pornography, and that problem can be even bigger for parents in less developed countries who don’t understand technology very well. Despite this, it is still important for parents in any situation to know what their child is doing on the internet. Even parents with limited basic knowledge of technology can take simple steps, such as talking with their children about what they’re doing on the internet, that can make a difference to a child.

Parents in all countries can take advantage of the services Net Nanny provides. Net Nanny is an internet filter designed to help protect families from pornography and other negative things found on the internet. Parents can monitor activity on the internet and block websites that may be inappropriate for the family through Net Nanny.

** The Information in this article is from "The New Indian Express"