Pornography Can Change Your Mind

Sep 07, 2011

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In 1981, researchers at the University of Montana asked male students to rate the attractiveness of a woman in a photograph.  Half of the group was asked to rate the woman’s photo initially, and the other half of the men rated her attractiveness after watching "Charlie's Angels."  By today's TV and video standards, Charlie's Angels might seem mild.

The results of the study showed that the men who watched "Charlie's Angels" said the woman in the photograph was less attractive in comparison to those who didn’t watch it.  The researchers conducted two additional studies and came to the same conclusion: watching a simple TV show depicting unrealistically beautiful women negatively influenced men's ratings of another, average-looking woman. In essence, looking at exceptionally beautiful women makes other women appear less attractive.

The mere act of looking causes a change of mind.

Of course, when you include looking at more base images in magazines, websites, movies, and advertisements, all contribute to the same effect.  Unfortunately, viewing more overt forms of exploitation, such as pornography, the consequences can even be more severe.

Other studies done since that time have shown the same pattern.  Interestingly enough, one study revealed that men (not women) who viewed pornographic images said that they loved their spouses less after viewing the pictures!

In short, innocently perusing pornographic images will likely change you, but not for the better.