Pornography Blinds Men to a Woman's True Value

May 12, 2009

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Pornography is degrading and humiliating to women as a whole. Women should be honored for their tremendous value and contribution to our society in all fields of study, talent and ability. They should be treated with dignity and respect, as valuable human beings. No man alive exists except that a woman substantially sacrificed herself to give him life. We should be sensitive to their rights, their needs and their feelings.

Pornographers and the pornography they produce demonstrate a frightfully wanton, callous disregard for women. Pornography portrays women as a collection of body parts, objects of lust who enjoy being dominated and used solely for the purpose of sexual gratification. Or it paints them as sex-crazed, sex-starved nymphomaniacs, willing and anxious to have sex with virtually any man at the drop of a hat. These images and attitudes degrade and demean all women, and place them at great risk.

Imagine you’re a tour guide leading a group of men up a winding dirt trail to a scenic lookout point, a place renowned for its panoramic view. Just before you reach the summit, the men do a bizarre thing—they reach into their pockets and take out drinking straws. You look on in disbelief as each then closes one eye and puts the straw up to his open eye. Using the straw, each focuses on one tiny part of the marvelous vista before him. You hear comments like, "What a beautiful leaf on that tree!" and "That's a nice looking rock." Finally, in total exasperation, you throw your hands in the air and scream, "For crying out loud, put down the straws—this is the Grand Canyon!"

Pornography pinches the male brain down to an extremely narrowed state, where he sees women as if “through a drinking straw, focusing only on their body parts, unable to see the whole and wondrous “Grand Canyon view of everything they are and have to offer as valuable human beings. 

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