Pornography and Divorce

May 08, 2013

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Pornography doesn’t just affect the individuals who watch it. It often affects the people around them as well. And nowhere is this more evident than in marriages that have ended because of pornography addiction.

There are several studies that indicate that watching pornography correlates with infidelity and divorce. The statistics are sobering. Of those who had watched an X-rated movie in the last year, 25.6% were more likely to be divorced. 65.1% were more likely to report having had an extramarital affair. 8% were less likely to report having a happy marriage, and 13.1% were less likely to be happy with life in general.

In contrast, those who reported being happily married were 61% less likely to report use of internet pornography.

In 2002, Richard Barry, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, said, “Pornography had an almost nonexistent role in divorce just seven or eight years ago.” That’s about the time when the internet became commercially available, and therefore, internet pornography was widely available.

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